Friday, September 9, 2011

shopping for pretend, fires for real

Ahh, fall is in the air.  Psych!  Not in Texas, at least.  The temperature has dropped oh-so-slightly but it's still getting pretty hot during the daytime.  A girl can dream, though.  Maybe if I buy all of the pretty items, fall will make it's grand appearance.  Lord knows we need the cold!  This summer has been extremely hot and dry.  I don't think we've had any rain since spring other than a light drizzle back in June.

And now we've had these crazy fires!  If you can, there are websites to donate to the fire victims.  Check out this crazy video:

It's crazy to think that that's just a city over from us.  This fire in Bastrop, TX is by far the largest of them, but they've been popping up all over the place.  There's so much smoke settled in the city that I thought I was driving through fog yesterday morning.  It honestly looks like the smog you see in bigger cities.  Insane...

But onto happier things, I'm loving this outfit here.  The anthropologie sweater started the whole thing up.  And after seeing the pretty teal color, I realized it reminded me of this jar I thrifted a while back which now holds a lovely bouquet of bright orange fall leaves, hence the need for orange accessories.  Check out the items at their sources below.

1. Filled Echelons Peacoat by Anthropologie - $148
2. Moonstone Earrings by hildes - $28
3. New Shadyside Backpack by ErikaElynCreations - $115
4. Handmade Fringe Boots by letuspaint - $36


Emily-Claire Ballou said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I absolutely love your blog! The design is very fresh and pretty.

I am also anxious for cooler temperatures here in North Carolina. Fall could not come sooner. Please stay safe with those fires!

Hi, I'm Madeline said...

Thanks!! :) I just love blogs with great pictures to look at and yours are great! I'll definitely be checking back in :)