Friday, October 1, 2010

for the home

There isn't much better than vintage and handmade decor. It's especially great when it's something repurposed into something new like the antique typeset drawer turned jewelry holder. homedecor

1. vintage metal basket by bellalulu $31.00
2. teak letter m by EdiesLab $20.00
3. jack cushion cover by helkatdesign $54.00
4. antique printer typeset drawer by bluebirdheaven $98.00

This is a free ebook sample of Jamyria: The Entering that includes the first seven chapters of the book.
Marked with power upon entering the alternate world of Jamyria, Margo Grisby must find escape while outrunning the world’s creator and her guardsmen.

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Harbenger Duo said...

Thanks for posting our "M"!! We appreciate it. Great to find a new blog too.
Have a great weekend.

jill said...

Thanks for featuring my basket!
I love that letter M too!