Tuesday, September 6, 2011

bedroom, closing in on completion

Here's a post I did back in July on the progress in our bedroom.
It’s been a while since I’ve done much around my house worth posting about. Last update, I showed a picture of my new dresser and mirror above it. Well, I’ve been shopping again! I went to Ikea to get Myra a dresser and came across some artwork. By the way, I’ve never really paid too much attention to the art section there, so I didn’t realize that a lot of their prints come in sets. For example, I found a set of 5 small art cards (5″ x 7″) for just $5.00 for the set. Back to last week though…I came across this set of three canvases with wither cherry blossoms or dogwood in a sepia print for only $49.99. It works perfectly above my dresser.
Ikea art cherry blossoms in sepia
Too bad I had crazy sunlight coming in, but you get the idea. Also I would have taken before pictures, but it would basically look like a blank blue wall since we only just bought the dresser on Mother’s Day. Maybe one day I’ll go crazy and pull up the house photos from before we even moved in! Imagine a white abyss..
dresser with art and accessories
Here’s another shot for you. As for the accessories, they’re brand new, too! The art set this decorating thing back in motion. Sometimes I even think it’s like I sense where to shop. Someone at my job told me the other day that I’m clairvoyant. That’s right, I have a decorating sixth sense…
Anyway, my decorating sixth sense told me to go to Marshall’s and I found that great orchid plant for $16.99.
orchid plant
And a couple nights ago my daughter and I headed over to our neighborhood Good Will and I found that gorgeous lotus candle holder for only $7.99 (which I recognized from Target and retails for $14.99…click here). I’d actually already wanted to get this, but thought I’d wait until it went on sale since it one of their newer collections. I can’t imagine why anyone would buy it and give it away so soon… Not bad for saving seven bucks!
Note: I hate that I can see dust in these pictures. Stupid sunlight gave me away. Now I have to dust…
lotus flower candle holder in purple
I also found some cute lotus shaped bowls at Good Will. The set of five was $4.99, so after debating for a minute (I’d already gotten new bowls a few posts ago) I decided to splurge.
pier 1 lotus dishes in white
It wasn’t until I got home, and was desperately trying to remove the gummy tape residue, that I noticed the bottom said Pier 1. So of course I was curious and looked them up. Brand new, these bowls were $5 a piece! So I saved roughly $20. I say “roughly” because it turned out one of the bowls was slightly different (and unlabeled).
pier 1 bowls
The one on the left is slightly more scalloped than the Pier 1 one on the right. It’s also a little shorter and thinner material. I really didn’t want it to not match the others and since I still had four of the Pier 1 bowls, I decided to put the spare to use in my bedroom.
bowl change jewelry
Now I have a great place for all of my small, random junk. Oh, and see that lamp? I found that on a Good Will trip a few weeks back with my friend Sarah. It was only $4.99 but didn’t come with a lamp shade. I’m planning on buying something white and modern that I can add fabric too or something. We’ll see.
thrifting good will lamp
So there you go… That’s our bedroom so far. We still have quite a list:
Master Bedroom:
-Second dresser-Paint mirror over dresser-Springy bedding with toss pillows-Possibly new drapes (scratched this idea)-Oversized Accessories-Artwork over dresser-Framed pictures throughout room
-Side table for Jason’s side
-Laminate Flooring
-Lampshade for new lamp—diy by painting damask on shade
-Wall sconces or something on either side of the curtains
-Something over the bed
-Lamp for Jason’s side


b.quachh said...

Do you remember where you got those cherry blossom canvases from??

Hi, I'm Madeline said...

I do! I got them at Ikea a while ago. Hope you can find them. :)