Tuesday, September 6, 2011

goodbye lazy home, hello old friend

It's been a few months.

Scratch that. Other than a couple check-ins, it's been nearly a year. Admitting that is quite embarrassing. Let's see... I could come up with many excuses, so I won't.

In case you're wondering, I didn't completely give up blogging. If you're interested in reading what I've been doing, you can skip on over to my "retired" site, Lazy Home. I'll admit, I really enjoyed the turn I took with that blog. Basically this blog was dedicated to tracking my decorating improvements. Then it hit me: I had a good blog already. So I closed up shop over there and returned home. And it feels nice. :)

I get this post basically says nothing but "hi again." I guess I'll repost some of my favorites from over there.

Okay, it's super late and I have a case of the ramblings. Good night!

UPDATE: I just realized that this is probably the first post I've ever made with no pictures.

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