Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ghost stories, anyone?

First off, I'm completely crushed! I haven't been blogging recently because we loaded Windows 7 on our computer (which, by the way, is so much easier on the eyes), but when I went to upload Photoshop again, uh oh! The disc is no where to be found. What a mystery! Depressing, yes, but a mystery all the same. So share your ghost stories. It's that time of year when places seem a little creepier, homes a little more haunted. Did something strange happen to you? Email me and I may just post your story on a future post on my blog.

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Kate said...

Very bright and cheerful page! We bought our house one year ago, moved in on Halloween (go figure of all nights). A few strange things were happening which I didn't think much of until our neighbor was hanging out on our back deck with us one night and asked if we've seen the ghosts. My boyfriend tried to shush him up but it was too late. He went on to tell us that the old man who lived here for a long time they were close with had died in the house. The people who sold us the house also mentioned things where their back door would open and close with no wind at all. I guess the old man who lived here would always lock himself out so he would open/close/open/close the door. Anyways, we have a puppy now he will bark at nothing at all. He sees something that we can't see. I'm okay with it unless I'm home alone and it's terrifying! ahhhh

Hope you get to stop bye my blog sometime :)