Sunday, October 10, 2010

accessories only

I considered dressing up like Katy Perry in "California Gurls" for Halloween JUST to be able to walk around like a candy covered princess. However, I'm not sure if a cupcake bra is appropriate for taking the kiddos trick or treating. Here is a collection of some yummy and totally femme accessories that would have gone great for this costume.

1. green bow ring by QUID $12.00

2. rainbow birthday cake earrings by mousemarket $22.00

3. ice cream cone iphone cozy by yummypockets $20.00

4. pink cupcake ring by chouettes $7.00

5. rainbow lollipops earrings by PetitePlat $17.00

6. cupcake bobby pins by TooCuteKawaii $8.50


Mo said...

Lovely! Thank you so much for including my cake earrings in such a colorful collection of treats. :)

QUiD said...

I LOVE Katy, too! Thanks for including my little bow ring in your adorable post! xoxo

::: PetitPlat Food Art ::: said...

lovely collection! thanks for including my rainbow lollipop earrings :)

Meeling said...

What fun finds!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea! Sweet indeed :D