Sunday, August 8, 2010

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I'm officially dieting, and I officially hate it. Things were great when I was at home on maternity leave, but as soon as I returned to work I realized just how spoiled I was at home. I had the luxury of time. A few weeks ago I could work out an hour or two a day. No problem. But now I have to balance 30-40 hours of work a week, my two children, my lovely husband, and what I love to do--Etsy, blogging, and writing (in order to remain sane). This ain't a walk in the park. Today I was almost at the point of telling myself that I'm happy with myself and satisfied with my sort-of-skinny/sort-of-squishy look. And that's still true to an extent. I don't feel "fat". Just not as firm as I'd like to be.

But enough of that. So here are the stats...

My height: 5'8''
Suggested weight: about 135 pounds

Before pregnancy: 145
The day I went into labor: 175 (shudder)
4 weeks later: 164
8 weeks after birth (with a lot of exercise at this point): 151
Today: 153

What the heck! This is when I realize something isn't right. Oh yeah, I wasn't supposed to eat fast food during a diet. My mistake. So in order to be strict with myself I'm going to officially put myself out there and post my stats once a week. I may even share some tasty healthy recipes I've found.

If you have any dieting tips you'd like to share, feel free to comment and we'll chat! For those of you not dieting, feel free to order the scrumptious treats found above and eat them for me.

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2. organic banana nut muffins by the chocolatesprinkle $9.50
3. organic butter and jam combo by Rhiamon $7.00

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