Monday, September 27, 2010

fox fetish?

I'm jumping on the fox bandwagon finally. And I agree--they are quite darling! The whole woodland creatures recurring theme on Etsy has always captured me and has turned into a secret obsession. Here are some new favorites of mine.

1. fox in the snow by tuckooandmoocow $25.00
2. fox love by thetimeisnow $10.00
3. flora fox by HazelVillage $36.00
4. original 8x10 by eastwitching $35.00
5. wolf pin by CsCharms $4.35


Beth said...

Oooo, lovely choices!

TuckooandMooCow said...

That flora fox doll is darling! Always loved foxes, so it's pretty cool that Etsy is saying woodland creatures are in. Thanks for featuring my necklace.

April said...

Great collection! I love it - so cute ♥

M.M.E. said...

What a great collection. I've loved foxes ever since I realized my boyfriend reminds me of one. He has the ginger hair and the little sparkle in his eyes when he's up to something like hiding things in my purse.

tsubasafan said...

Love foxes. :) I've been collecting stuffed foxes for years now.