Friday, September 10, 2010

fall is in the air

Did I mention that I absolutely love fall? To me, it's the most beautiful time of year. It's a season of change full of warm colors, cocoa, and nestling up with the one you love. A time to begin snuggling into warm clothes and wrapping those tootsies up in fun leg wear.

1. sunny vings by vings $39.00
2. semi-flare leg warmers by LeshasWorkshop $36.50
3. stripe poppy longstockings by poppyswickedgarden $25.00
4. knee high socks by pinkcandystudio $55.00
5. leggings with horses by malu7 $49.00


Poppys Wicked Garden said...

Oh how Wonderful! I love all of your choices:) Thank you for including me!

Vings said...

Your fall is very very light and sunny! Indeed, the nr. 5 is absolutely gorgeous! Gee, I should like to have something like that in my wardrobe!