Saturday, September 18, 2010

a day in the life

This post was supposed to happen about five hours ago, and for that I apologize. Today was one of those days when the chaos of life overtook everything planned for the evening. My husband's, the stay-at-home daddy, had to make a trip out of town today. He'd called Myra's old daycare ahead on Wednesday inquiring about drop off services for today (well, yesterday--yikes! it's passed midnight) but to our surprise, he discovered after arriving this morning that they could only take one of our children. A few panic attacks later, he had it all figured out: one would stay there while the other would go to a new daycare a few miles down the road. Mind you, this was all planned while I remain clueless behind my desk at the office. To make a long story short (as I realize I'm writing much more than usual here--perhaps the sleep deprivation is taking over) my phone dies on the way to get them AND it begins pouring down rain as I'm leaving for the evening. But thankfully, I was able to find the new daycare and pick up my daughter--all without having to pay a late fee. Yay!

And as my day finally comes to an end, I sit here with my mug of hot cocoa and write to you, oh faithful followers. Have a blessed night and be safe.

1. break in the clouds by YetiAndTheWeaverBird $20.00
2. rain cloud necklace by NeverlandJewelry $25.00
3. cloud no2 by nomilktoday $23.00
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nomilktoday said...

what to say.....:):)
I am really happy that you featured my cloud in your post!

NeverlandJewelry said...

You made my day! Than you so much for featuring my Rain Cloud. I hope you have a fantastic day!

Kathleen Marie Kelly said...

Your blog is beautiful! You've made my day! Thanks so much for including my earrings here! =)

<3 Kathleen

Jay said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Kathleen, your blog is beautiful! Thanks again for featuring my picture.

Amber. said...

I own necklace #2....and it is SO gorgeous! I get many, MANY compliments on it. I heart Etsy and I heart finding amazing artisans like Neverland Jewelry on Etsy!!