Sunday, August 1, 2010

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Origami Revolt

pink chickie and rice $5.00

Tell us a little about yourself. Origami Revolt
My name is Zaneta Tucker but I also go by Origami Revolt. I make cute plush dolls, hair clips, cat toys,and etc. Soon I hope to put out prints, phone charms and sell some vintage items. I'm just your typically art student, hoping to see how people react to my handmade work.
cat toys $5.00

How did you become interested in creating? I have always been interested in creating, art is my strong area. I'm a graphic design major so I hope the things I make transfer into the graphic design field. I like to create because sometimes you can not afford cool things you see, it helps when you can make things yourself. That's way I like to have really low prices on my etsy.

willy the whale $17.00

What is your inspiration? My inspiration is music. I love to listen to indie, old french and crazy electro music. Music helps my mind go wild. I am also inspired by vintage items, japan and numerous graphic designers. My roommate also helps, we're always bouncing ideas around and making up stories.

What is your favorite piece you've made and why? My favorite piece I've made so far has to be my Flower Kitty. When I made this doll I realized how my construction developed. I get a lot of compliments on that doll and I'm really attached to it. But to tell the truth I'm attached to all my creations and will be upset when they get sold.

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