Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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Tell us a little about yourself. I’m Naomi from One Avian Daemon. I love to sew and to design clothes. I like anything with pockets and a twirly skirt, and I look best in dresses with a fitted waist, so you’ll find a lot of those things in my shop. When I’m not making clothes I work in a neuroscience lab where I have to wear a paper coat and shower caps on my feet, and daydream about beautiful dresses.

How did you become interested in creating? My godmother Neva taught me how to sew. When I was about seven she showed me how to thread a needle and tie a little knot in the end, and we made a small purple pillow. When I got older she showed me how to make curtains, doll clothes, and eventually my own clothes. She bought me my first sewing machine, and found me a summer job working for a costume designer. Neva was always very supportive of my sewing, and of anyone’s attempts to create anything. She died a few months ago and I miss her a lot. Since then I’ve started teaching a seven year old friend how to sew, and I like to think I’m carrying on in Neva’s tradition.

What is your inspiration? The people who wear my dresses. I love custom orders, because I get to learn a bit about the customer and make the perfect dress for her. I’m inspired by all the beautiful variety of body shapes and personal styles. The clothes in my store have a fairly consistent look because they’re mostly the clothes I’ve made for myself, but I love the alchemy feature on Etsy, because it lets me work with people who have different body types and different styles.

What is your favorite piece you've made and why?
I don’t really have a favorite piece, but lately I’ve been wearing my Seaside Seersucker Wrap Dress a lot. It’s nice for summer since it’s so light.

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