Sunday, May 16, 2010

a modern wedding

Something I really miss is having a wedding to plan. Sure, that was almost five years ago, but I still think of how I'd redo my special day if I could. Not that it wasn't perfect. But is one wedding really enough for a girl?

Here are some etsy finds that would be a good match for my "next" wedding. Well, maybe for a vow renewal in the upcoming years.

1. Anson Street Dress by TheWeddingCollection $2485.00
2. Passionate About Peonies by dkdesignshawaii $100.00
3. White Chiffon Clutch by HeidiCreations $105.00
4. Delicate Four Leaf Earrings by zulasurfing $55.00

Please post your wedding items if you have any others you'd like to share!

1 comment:

lisaroy said...

what beautiful finds! oh what I wouldn't change if I had my wedding to do over again (especially since it was to my highschool sweetheart 20 years ago!) I wouldn't change him! but getting married in 1990 meant we were still in that late 80's era where everything was big and frilly and over the top and all I wanted was simplicity - I was way before my time! : )