Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shopping for Pretend

Maddy's Wish List

After discovering sadieolive's Etsy shop yesterday, I've been in a very vintage mood. Pretend shopping online always seems to soothe my not-so-skinny-right-now blues.

Spring Dress With Secret Garden Belt Bundle Listing

This dusty rose handmade dress with its soft drapes makes me want to pull out my lace gloves for a vintage tea party. Maybe when I'm not pregnant, I'll be able to fit in this.

This dainty little necklace would nestle perfectly between the swooping collar of the dress.

Not that I wear a size 6 (more like a 9 and a half...on a good day), but I just LOVE these shoes! I've always been a fan of whichgoose's shop, and now that she's added some shoes just makes me want to follow up on her posts more.

Pink Marshmallow

This gorgeous clutch is lined in silk and matches the dress perfectly! Not only that, but it's on sale!

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